Janet captain of the cheerleaders by arghtime by seseta-d8jhijy

Janet is the cold, cunning captain of the cheerleaders and daughter of Loretta Draelo. She is one of the main bullies at her school along with Alice and Joan, and loves to wedgie Sandra and her friends.

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Janet has the body and looks of a model, with her perfect hourglass body and athletic limbs. When she is not wearing the skirt of the cheerleaders, she takes jeans or sweat pants.

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Janet is always calm and does everything with efficiency. She rules over her team with an iron fist and when she punishes someone, she does it without any mercy. She has a soft side, but doesn't like to show it to anyone, not even her fellow cheerleaders, she usually show this soft side to Ame. Being the captain of the cheerleaders she has a bit of an ego.

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Trivia Edit

  • According to Joan her butt is just as big as Lizzy Shevils
    • Which has also been shown to be as big as Sandra's, so if Joan's measurements are accurate Janet's butt is just as big's as Sandra's, Janet just hides it better.
  • She is extremely self conscious about her butt, more so than Sandra is of hers.
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