Alice Skunks is one of the main bullies of the school (and definitely both the tallest and strongest of them all) Alice is a frightening and merciless amazon and the captain of the school's volleyball team (this having more to do with her sheer physical power than any tactical skill or direction).

Alice skunks by arghtime by seseta-d8kig0h

Appearance Edit

Alice is phyiscaly impressive, standing almost to a full seven feet of height, most of which is tough muscle. She is eighteen, grey-eyed, powerfuly built and with her red hair cut short in a tomboyish style. While not specialy curvy, Alice still has a generous bust and a perky behind. Her clothes usualy consist on black tank-tops and grey shorts, with a thin line of white sometimes peeking out of the back of them.

Personality Edit

Being the strongest girl in the entire highschool, Alice is supremely confident in her strenght and hability to defeat anyone without even sweating. As such, she often underestimates her opponents, who mostly are weaker girls she wants to torment. While cruel and a good fighter, Alice is not considered to be either smart or able to resolve problems which don´t involve phyiscal prowess.

Strangely enough, Alice does have a softer side to her, but she only shows her to her girlfriend Vanessa, who she is madly in love with. Even if smaller and much weaker than Alice, Vanessa's stronger persona and intelligence makes her the dominant one of the two, with Alice usualy following her girlfriend's every order without any doubt.

Trivia Edit

  • She has a super sensitive butt, and can't handle more than two spankings without breaking out into tears.